Tiger Tiger
Chinese vegetables


We’ve travelled from the mountainous region of Xinjiang to the coastal areas of Guangdong to source flavours and dishes that replicate the diversity and delicacy of Chinese cuisine and give a real taste of the Orient

South East Asian chillis

South East Asia

Tiger Tiger takes influence from the best Eastern cuisine, harmoniously combining spices, chillies and coconut milk to recreate the light, delicate dishes from the region that have been loved for generations

Indian spices


Many of our flavours originate from the Northern region of India. The combination of rich spices, cream and tomatoes creates unique, luxurious dishes that transport you to the high courts of the Maharajahs

Japanese leaves


The Tiger Tiger range brings classic, healthy, and easy to prepare authentic meal ideas from the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s simple to recreate delicious, authentic dishes in minutes, that are sure to impress